Thursday, April 27, 2006

Donate to "Your Guide to Physics"

If you found the information on this site helpful and you would like to leave a donation to Your Guide to Physics, please use one of the options below. Donations of any amount are always appreciated, but no particular value is expected.

Why donate? I want to be able to spend time producing more quality, free, physics content foro this site, helping kids with their homework and their science fair projects and making sure that science reaches everyone. I do this with the utmost intention to benefit everyone, everywhere. The more support you can provide for this, the better I can work - and the less time I need waste on "making a living."

You can leave a donation via MasterCard, Visa or PayPal using this button:

Alternatively, you can send me a check (payable to "Joe Andersen"), money order or cash to either of the following addresses:

Joe Andersen
76 Pullenvale Rd
Pullenvale, Brisbane 4069


Joe Andersen
97 Franklin St, #2
Allston, MA
02134 USA

You can use which ever address is easiest/cheapest for you to post to.

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