Sunday, February 19, 2006

Physics 101: Introduction to Physics

What is This Page?: Physics is, sadly, not well understood. Few people know what physics is, or what physicists actually do. I have put together this page to answer some of the most common questions about physics.

What is Physics?: Physics is the science of matter, energy and the interactions between the two. Read More About What Physics Is

Why do we Study Physics?: Physics is one of the cornerstones of science, so we study physics because we study science.Read More About Why We Study Physics

What Fields are Part of Physics?: What sort of specific things do physicists study? Physics incorporates many subfields, such as quantum mechanics, thermodynamics and (my current specialty) meteorology/atmospheric physics. Read About the Various Fields of Physics

How do we go About "Doing" Physics?: Physics is all about exploring the way the universe works, by asking and answering questions. The process we use has been formalized into the "Scientific Method".

What do Physicists actually do?: Physicists do lots of different things, research, teaching, reading.

Why Should I Have to Study Physics When I am Going to be a Doctor, Lawyer, etc?: Short answer: Physics is cool, but I'm biased.

Longer answer: Physics, as a discipline - especially at an undergraduate level, teaches many things that are important in all walks of life. Read About Why You Should Study Physics

Where Can I Find Help With My Science Fair Project?: I have put together a collection of Science Fair resources, including a guide to creating a really great project, as well as a number of project ideas to get you rolling. Science Fair Projects

Where Can I Find Out More About Physics?: There is a great deal of information about physics located on the internet, including on this site. A good place to start is with more Physics 101

Where Can I Get Answers to More Physics Questions?: There are several ways to find more answers: The Physics FAQ, Search Physics or you can contact me.

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