Friday, February 24, 2006

Special Relativity

from Stewart Walker

Verse 1

In 1905 some of Newton's jive got up Einstein's nose

He said you can't explain from a classical frame what the world already knows

That the ether idea ain’t hip, it simply doesn't fit

With reality so it's plain to see, we need special relativity


Special relativity dilates my time and blows my mind

Special relativity oh it's easy to see m c squared equals e

Special relativity will increase your mass if you go too fast

Special relativity

Repeat intro

Verse 2

Try as you might the speed of light is as fast you can go

And I'll tell you again there is no preferred frame, ‘cos Einstein tells me so

And if you don't believe it's true, just accept it all like I do

‘Cos in reality it's plain to see, no-one understands relativity

Repeat chorus


And if you need experimental proof

Look at the muons coming down through the roof

Their decay slows down as they approach the ground

Just like Einstein said it would, ain't that good? Yeah good

Repeat chorus Copyright © 1983 Stewart Walker. All rights reserved

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