Sunday, March 05, 2006

Physics and Chemistry Experiments

The border between chemistry and physics blurs in many places. These experiments investigate many of these blurs.

The 55c Battery - Electrochemisty, Acids and Currents This experiment with a few coins and lemon juice recreates an experiment first performed by Alessandro Volta in 18th century Italy – creating a battery, using the reactions between ions and metals to create an electric current.

Thin Film Interference When a light liquid like oil is placed over a heavy liquid like water, it can form a thin film. Learn how to investigate some of the properties of these films with light.

Make Antibubbles in your Kitchen Learn how you can make antibubbles (the exact opposite of a bubble) in your kitchen from soapy water.

Candy Triboluminescence When you crunch wintergreen flavored lifesavers in the dark, you can see a green flash. This is called triboluminescence - the light comes from the energy released by friction effects. Read more about it in this article by Chemistry Guide, Anne Marie Helmenstine.

Successful Science Fair Experiments, Chemistry Chemistry Guide, Anne Marie Helmenstine, has put together this guide to producing a successful science fair project. Although chemistry oriented, this article has a plethora of useful facts about science projects/reports, including the scientific method and writing a science project report.

Science Fair Experiment Ideas Chemistry Guide, Anne Marie Helmestine, has collected together this large selection of experiment/project ideas. Includes many physics related experiments.

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