Thursday, March 16, 2006

Science Fair Project Schedule Checklist

Here is a list of tasks you'll need to work through with your project. Spread them out between now and the due date with intervals that make sense for you.

  • choose your topic

  • organize your notebook

  • ask organizational questions

  • research your chosen topic

  • define your problem

  • develop your hypothesis

  • design your experiment

  • Turn in an experiment summary to your teacher or mentor (if required, and even if it is not, I still recommend you discuss your experiment with someone)

  • Gather all the materials you need for your experiment

  • Start your experiment

  • Setup an outline for your project report

  • Collect materials for your display

  • Draft your project report

  • Design your display

  • Finish your experiment

  • Revise your experimental procedure and equipment list as needed

  • Analyze your data, drawing conclusions

  • Revise your project report

  • Complete your display

  • Edit and produce the final draft of your project report

  • Prepare for the fair!

This list is based upon the tasks you will need to cover for the typical science fair – you can, of course, add or subtract from this list as you want (and as your specific fair rules require).

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