Saturday, May 20, 2006

About Joseph Andersen

I am a graduate student in the physics at Harvard University.
My undergraduate degree was obtained from UQ in 1999, during which I was awarded the university medal for outstanding scholarship.
I have worked in laboratories searching for gravitational waves, exploring the physics of matter at ultra low temperatures, I am currently working on Climate Simulations.
I have been involved in the UQ Science in Action Program and the UQ physics student club demonstration team – demonstrating exciting areas of physics to school and university students and the general public. I have shown five year olds how to suck water through a straw quicker than their teachers and “tamed” 3000000V lightning generated by a Tesla Coil. I taught mechanics to premed students and poured liquid nitrogen down the front of my body. I have experience at “physics for the non-physicist” while still being a practicing, published physicist in one of the premier science environments.

My contact details
ph +1 857 234 1285
aim dojojo joe

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