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Latest PhysicsWeb Summaries

Latest PhysicsWeb Summaries


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Physics World

Sleeping giant (May 3)
It is right that the US should increase its investment in particle

Antarctica calling (May 3)
Physicists are playing a valuable role in understanding our last great

Top papers (May 3)
In a special readers' poll Robert P Crease seeks your nominations for
the most interesting paper of all time

Antarctica unravelled (May 3)
After more than a century of polar exploration, recent satellite
measurements are painting an altogether new picture of Antarctica.
Andrew Shepherd explains how physics is helping researchers understand
the critical transformations taking place in the world's largest ice

WMAP data put cosmic inflation to the test (May 3)
Measurements of the polarization of the cosmic microwave background open
up a new window on the universe when it was just 10^-35 s old, explains
Gary Hinshaw

Mobilizing magnetic resonance (May 3)
Nuclear magnetic resonance traditionally requires large magnets that
make the technology immobile and expensive. Boyd Goodson describes how
efforts are being made to develop portable devices that will extend the
reach of this powerful imaging technique.

Sensing the extreme (May 3)
From volcano vents to the surfaces of distant planets, silicon-carbide
sensors are poised to take us into environments where we have never
measured directly before, as Alton Horsfall and Nick Wright explain



Cosmology gets precise (May 3)

The Infinite Cosmos: Questions from the Frontiers of Cosmology Joseph
Silk 2006 Oxford University Press 256pp £18.99/$29.95hb

Plotting the life of Descartes (May 3)

Descartes: The Life of René Descartes and Its Place in His Times A C
Grayling Free Press 2005 352pp £20.00hb

Shelf life: Simon Singh (May 3)
Simon Singh is an author, journalist and TV producer specializing in
science and mathematics



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